Debt Consolidation Mortgage

Debt Consolidation Mortgage

Pesky Unsecured Debt? Don’t Fret!

We understand how worrisome your life can become in the wake of mounting debt payments sweeping across from different angles – just like a wave. This is why at Massachusetts Capital Mortgage Corp., we offer class-leading debt consolidation mortgage services. Our debt consolidation mortgage comes with a wide-reaching set of benefits allowing you to:

  • Combine multiple unsecured loans, credit card debts, medical bills, and other liabilities into one unified loan package.
  • Secure the new loan against the equity on your home
  • Enjoy a singular monthly payment against the loan as opposed to multiple, differently-structured payments across different channels.
  • Enjoy better terms on the new loan such as lenient repayment time-frames and lower interest rates.
  • Pay off the new loan with no detriment to your credit score.

What do You Need to Know About Debt Consolidation?

In the simplest terms possible, debt consolidation is in itself a type of debt refinancing that puts you in a better set of circumstances than you were before. Debt consolidation mortgages are especially purpose-built for you if you have accumulated multiple unsecured, high-interest loans and want to settle them at better terms.

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